Singing Loudly: The Evolution of Technology

Singing Loudly

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Evolution of Technology

It is always fun to be reminded of the technology that was once so cool, so revolutionary that it has sparked the technology we now take for granted. It was just a few months ago that I listed some of the websites I wish still existed because of how important they were for what the net provides for us now.

CNET has one uped me with a top ten list of tech they wished still existed. The impressive list includes things like Napster,, and even the Concorde. Like all "Top Ten" lists it is bound to be a failure in the long run. But failing can be oh so much fun...


Sigh...I remember the good old days when was filled with awesome shockwave games instead of macromedia products to buy, and when you could go to and actually play insead of buy the game for your computer. It lost something when you had to buy a cd. Oh well I'll always have my memories of slacking off during my highschool computer class.

By Anonymous jenni, at 5:25 AM, August 11, 2005  

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