Singing Loudly: No Child Left Behind

Singing Loudly

Friday, July 29, 2005

No Child Left Behind

About 30 kids were left behind as their parents were incarcerated for deportation. It's not an unusual but it's unfortunate that the USCIS/ICE continues to operate without really disclosing anything to local officials. What happens is that immigration agents will perform a bust and arrest people. In this recent one they charged about 120 immigrants with being illegally present. When they perform the bust they claim that they ask all of those busted if they have any children or relatives in area. Of course, they will usually conduct these interviews in English even though they know that many of the immigrants have little knowledge of the English language.

The local sheriff was correct in being dismayed as to why local officials weren't allowed to help in the raid (or even have knowledge of it)...

If they had, deputies would have made sure the immigration officials knew about the children, some of whom had been in the local public schools for years


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