Singing Loudly: Bye Bye Cable TV?

Singing Loudly

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bye Bye Cable TV?

I'm so excited that Apple announced the video iPod! We all know that they've had this for the past couple years but were waiting on sales to flatten out. Now the iPod (all of the regular iPod's) has video capabilities which is awesome. Not only is that cool but I see the potential for cable TV to have to adjust.

With the ability to go and download an ABC show (I'm sure more stations will add their TV shows) on demand, why is there a need to watch it on TV? Quicktime is one of the best video players. You can pick only the shows you want to buy. An episode is only two bucks (less than buying a copy on ebay). What's there not to like?

Is this going to turn onto cable on demand instead of having to pay for all the stations you don't want to have.


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