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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fake It 'til You Make It

This week has been extremely stressful at work for me, so I didn't have time to write a post for a couple of days. After learning that Tom Cruise is pregnant, I couldn't hold off posting any longer. Also, everyone is setting themselves up for a disappointment if they think Apple is going to announce their video iPod. And another good week in TV and movies...

I'm really upset because my apartment complex put little notices on all the door about spraying for insects. Apparently this is a common procedure but I've missed having to endure it. I didn't know that I could tell them not to do it, so I unloaded all my cabinets and took my cat to my friend's place.

Veronica Mars kicked some ass last night! How great was it that Kevin Smith was on the show? Now it's everyone from Joss Wheaton to Kevin Smith who swear by how amazing this show is. Why? Because the writing is easily the best writing on TV right now. Unfortunately it was placed against another show I like: Lost. That means that I can't watch Lost anymore. If it has to be that way then I would rather watch and support Veronica Mars because it's a better show.

The reason why I can't watch one and tape the other is because I watch TV through my cable issued digital video recorder. Many of us remember back to the day when TIVOs and Replay TVs were all the rage. Somehow TIVO has dug themselves into a hole that they are not going to be able to remove themselves from. From not making contracts with cable companies to not having a dual tuner to instituting these ridiculous one year service contracts, it is clear that TIVO is finished. I forecast that they will be gone next year.

I'm also guessing that we've about seen the end of Microsoft. They can't keep up with the power of Apple. Tiger is a great operating system whereas Longhorn is constantly losing the features that would have made it cool. Microsoft just announced that it is going to reorganize into three different divisions. In most instances, a reorganization is a good sign of the end. Microsoft will certainly not be the giant it once was.

Slate has been going on a good run with interesting stories. One fun story is about the medical misstatements found in Grey's Anatomy. While it's certainly a stupid drama -- I think that the writers of the story are a little too sensitive. The misstatements, like the episode where the interns asked a dying man's family if they could pull the plug and donate organs to someone in the hospital who currently needed said organ (couldn't actually happen at any hospital), are mostly innocent. I mean, does anyone actually believe that a law firm operates like on Boston Legal? I certainly hope not.

I'll bet you anything that as you are reading this you are thinking about finding the love of your life. Well, I've got it all figured out for you. In the past I've tried the online dating sites to meet people. They are ok if you are patient. But sometimes you need to focus on a certain type of person. You can go for if you want to find liberals. You can go to if you want to date a Jewish person. Well, don't we all want to date a carnival carny? You've seen Carnivale and think it's awesome. You go to your state fair and wish you could just approach that carny. Well, here is the site for you:! Find that perfect man if you must.

Finally, Bush has thrown in the towel with this last nomination. I don't know much about Miers and I don't care to know much. The fact that Bush supports her with such vigor is enough to turn me away from it. I'm a little surprised that conservatives are just now realizing that Bush is not a good conservative. The guy has been a public fuck-up since the day he turned Sammy Sosa away from the Rangers (back when Sosa was awesome). Even Rove has lost his hold on keeping Bush from revealing his true colors to everyone. Like the title says, fake it til you make it, right?


You mean a law firm is NOT like Boston Legal?!! Damn it, this changes everything for me...Still anything with Shatner and Spader in it has to be cool.

By Anonymous jenni, at 12:29 PM, October 06, 2005  

Veronica Mars definitely has cult cred, and it reminds me of Arrested Development, in that a lot of people in Hollywood are fans because it has such great writing and acting. I know even the Lost writers love it.

As for Lost and VM, I've been watching one and recording another. I'm not about to give one of them up, since I consider them the two best dramas on TV. But I don't blame you for picking VM; it needs more support, it progresses a lot more quickly, and ABC tends to rerun Lost a lot, so you can always catch up.

I read that Slate article about Grey's Anatomy. I had actually seen that episode of GA about organ donation and it pissed me off so much for its inaccuracies, something that I recognized without being any kind of medical expert. Sadly, I think there are plenty of stupid people who think that it could be handled that way. Organ donation is really important, and I've found out some people have pretty ignorant views about it.

I saw a couple eps of the show last season, but I don't watch it. I found it sooo lame and cliched, and what's really annoying is that I know a lot of people who love it. What I wouldn't give for VM or AD to get, like 1/3, of its ratings.

By Blogger Sarah, at 1:54 AM, October 07, 2005  

I will agree that things like organ donation, which is already a very sensitive subject for most people, shouldn't be sensationalized. I've heard those stupid rumors that if you're an organ donor, there is a great chance the doctor won't save you. That episode probably lends a lot to it.

I haven't really watched GA since last year, so I don't know what it's like this year. It really isn't all that good.

By Anonymous Curtis, at 7:09 AM, October 07, 2005  

Jenni I hold firm that law firms are EXACTLY like Boston Legal. At least all the ones I want to use are. I'm sure that the Texas Hammer is just like that. Albeit less attractive and probably not as snarky. The Rock and Roll attorney Everett Newton has just GOT to be though. Or my life just isn't worth living.

By Blogger E-Beth, at 1:21 AM, October 12, 2005  

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