Singing Loudly: Does Google Really Care?

Singing Loudly

Friday, September 23, 2005

Does Google Really Care?

It looks like Blogger (or Google) is back to trying to get people to sign up for adsense so that they can make a little more money for themselves. Of course, the whole deal works out to be much better for Google than for the average blogger.

Most bloggers get five or six unique hits a day. If you just get a few hits a day then the adsense thing isn't going to make any money for you. However, most people who blog are doing it because they have dreams that people will find them and care about what they have to say.

Most blogs aren't going to make a difference. A few years ago when us bloggers started out (I was at livejournal for too long), we all believed that we were the shit. Turns out that we were simply full of shit. Let's be honest, the only reason bloggers thought they were so great was because it was other bloggers who were trumpeting the horn about us.

It's not unlike being in a fraternity or sorority. You really believe that what you are doing is good, special, and fulfilling. Perhaps on some level it is all of those things. But, at the end of the day, you are just a speck in the entire world. Most people don't revolutionize anything. Even if you deserve it, it does not happen for you in the long run.

That's the problem with adsense and the Google strategy for the individual user. Most people are going to make a couple dimes off having adsense. You are already getting blogger for free -- so why do it? Of course, it helps Google much more than it can ever help you. They can use your weak numbers (along with those of thousands of others) to get more ads from bigger names. It is a pyramid scheme that you will never rise up in.

If this wasn't enough, I really feel like Google is doing all it can to silence the blogs. This new blog search is a good way to separate the blogs off the internet search database. We all know that Google isn't happy about blogs clogging up their search window. They don't like that blogs can googlebomb phrases and words to produce erroneous results.

This is all just a thought that Google doesn't really care about bloggers.


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