Singing Loudly: They Told Me Not to Point

Singing Loudly

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

They Told Me Not to Point

This weekend was full of sports teams and players falling down. Maybe in spite of this weekends rather dull showing with sports, there was a lot of time to read and re-read Harry Potter books. Tonight is exciting because it's the start of the best reality tv show currently on TV (the best ever going to The Mole), The Amazing Race. All that and more below the fold.

Yesterday Bush told the nation that we should drive less. I'm not really sure how he thinks that can be accomplished when most of the cities in the United States have an inefficient or ineffective mass transit. The only other options are carpooling (difficult to do in most cities), buying a car that gets better gas mileage, and seeking alternate fuel sources.

It turns out, there is more to the problem than just this, if we are to believe this article at Slate.

Why don't we ratchet down more when fuel prices go up? The rule of thumb in economics is that people react to price increases only when they can turn to substitutes.

As I stated above, there aren't really any effective alternatives in America. You've got to drive. One conclusion that some people turn to is selling their car and buying a hybrid. I think that I'll eventually do this but it won't be to save a few bucks, it will be because I like the technology. Those who are wanting to save some money need to do the simple math: you probably won't save money for a number of years. Even with the tax incentives you aren't going to save money if you currently own your car. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on if you currently lease or if you're downgrading to get a hybrid.

I enjoy reading employee manuals at the places where I work. If I could, I think that I would try collecting them. I just think they are funny, so I was happy to see that The Smoking Gun has a number of them. The best is the manual for Hooters. Everything from how to wear your makeup to the color of pantyhose and the fact that you must put up with slimy comments from filthy guys. For instance the Hooter Girl must contractually accept this:

"I hereby acknowledge...the work environment is one in which joking and innuendo based on female sex appeal is commonplace."

Last night LSU fell to Tennessee in a really great football game. The Tigers were up 21 to zero at half time. Then Tennessee came back to bring the game into overtime. All of this was much more entertaining than watching my Kansas City Chiefs get decimated by the Denver Broncos.

Of course, everyone knows that the Chiefs have never played well against the Broncos. The teams hate each other. It's like the Redskins and Cowboys but the players actually remember that there is a rivalry there. Until this year, I think that the Cowboys had forgotten they were supposed to dislike the Washington Redskins. Anyhow, the Chiefs go to play the Broncos after two great games. Two really great games and the Chiefs turn it around to look like they are nothing.

I've got some comments on the new season of The Amazing Race. It's really quite good. Here are a few preliminary thoughts. I was worried that this would be a terrible two hours of TV. However, I think this was a success. It's cool that there are four people on a team instead of two. I think this will really open up the types of challenges they can do. It also adds an interesting dimension to the navigating/driving thing. One person can focus on the map, one person can focus on driving, and the other two can watch for the streets they need, monuments, flags, etc.

Finally, there is a lot of fun Harry Potter speculation going on. I didn't start reading the series until my little sister (8 years old) came to claim the promise I made to her. During law school, at a point of weakness, I promised her that I would read the series once I graduated from school. She has held me to that promise, so I read them.

Now, with two years left, what is everyone who has read the books have left to do? Well, just like any good student of literature, you reread with an eye to detail.


Ah! You like The Amazing Race too!

Have you ever thought about podcasting? Well, if you watch the show regularly, I think you should think about joining us.....I'm looking for someone to record a five minute segment weekly after The Amzaing Race. You seem witty.

What do you think?

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