Singing Loudly: Day Off Tomorrow and many other thoughts

Singing Loudly

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Day Off Tomorrow and many other thoughts

Tomorrow I will not have any bar review class! This doesn't necessarily let me off the hook, because my school is having a first day of the bar simulation. It will be the procedure/evidence and performance exam aspects of the test. I'm going to go and do that to see how things go.

I realized at some point that I'm really enjoying public transportation. It's weird, because normally I like the freedom of driving wherever and whenever I want to drive. The train is nice though. You start to learn the times it comes and leaves, you know stops that have nice stores or restaurants, and you can see all kinds of interesting people.

When I'm on the train I refuse to study bar materials. I figure that I study enough at home, in the library, and even in my car with PMBR materials. Those cds are actually really good, btw. Actually, I think that the 9 hour contracts lecture (while very dry) is one of the better contracts lectures I've heard.

I should give a little update on the girl that I'm infatuated with. There is a part of me that doesn't want to turn this into the Curtis' crush show, but I think that's already well established around here, so I'll proceed. Yesterday the class got out and everyone left the meeting center to walk towards either the garage or the train station. I went to the train station with my bestfriend (who is married and finds all this amusing). I saw the girl cross the street and my bestfriend stayed on the same side of the street. Decision time! Do I stay with bestfriend or do I cross the street and follow the girl?

I crossed the street and caught the girl, while listening to her iPod, before she got on her phone. After I had her attention, we started to talk about how Father's Day went for her. Then she we talked about where we were both from, how we got to Dallas, why we chose the law schools we did (by this time we were on the train), the movies we've recently seen and want to see, how we are both homebodies, the magazines we read (I remembered seeing her with a New Yorker, so I slipped it into the conversation that I can't do without my New Yorker subscription) -- I brought up a few specific articles that are particularly amusing in The New Yorker, and other all other sorts of things! She is going to a really nice law firm and graduated from a very top law school while I am going to a small firm and graduated from, well, a bottom top tier school. She was polite enough not to mock me.

I didn't ask her out to lunch or coffee at this point because I enjoyed the conversation and didn't want to ruin the moment with a random proposal. My hope is that we'll talk again before too long, and I'll have the nerve and opportunity to ask her out.

I've got to tell you, having a crush at the bar classes make it much more enjoyable than it would be otherwise. I know this as a fact, this evening I went to an evening class (so I don't have to go to this session at a later date). Of course, the crush wasn't there because it's a topic that will be covered in a day class later. The class was on video and was the most boring evening I've ever labored through. Perhaps it was because it wasn't substantive law but was the performance exam tips. Either way, I'm sure that it would have been more entertaining if I could worry about asking out the girl during one of the breaks.


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