Singing Loudly: Poetry and Birthdays

Singing Loudly

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Poetry and Birthdays

I wish Will Baude a very happy birthday. Will is both a nice guy and one of the more lucid and entertaining law school bloggers around.

The Gaeltacht

I wish, mon vieux, that you and Barlo and I
Were back in Rosguill, on the Atlantic Drive,
And that it was again nineteen sixty
And Barlo was alive

And Paddy Joe and Chips Rafferty and Dicky
Were there talking Irish, for I believe
In that case Aoibheann Marren and Margaret Conway
And M. and M. and Deirdre Morton and Niamh

Would be there as well. Adn it would be great too
If we could see ourselves, if the people we are now
Could hear what we were saying, and if this sonnet

In imitation of Dante's where he's set free
In a boat with Lapo and Guido, with their girlfriends in it,
Could be the wildtrack of our gabble above the sea.

Seamus Heaney, Electric Light


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