Singing Loudly: Bryant v. Malone Soap Opera

Singing Loudly

Monday, December 13, 2004

Bryant v. Malone Soap Opera

Last week we heard statements from Karl Malone saying that he would never play with Kobe Bryant again. We were lead to believe that this came from a comment by Bryant that Malone should hurry up and decide what he wants to do and not leave the Lakers hanging.

Today we hear that the real reason for this little feud comes from Malone making a pass on Bryant's wife I guess that Malone thought that maybe Bryant was into sharing his wife during the times he was out sleeping with girls.

Bryant's entire argument sounds spurious at best. I mean, Karl Malone is considered one of the classiest men off the court in basketball. It doesn't seem to me that Malone would be running around making passes at teammates wives. Its not like he's going senile, yet...Malone is old but he's not that old. Why would he just not start hitting on 22-year-old wives of his teammates.

On the other side of this we have Bryant. Kobe Bryant who has slept with God only knows how many women while he has been married. Bryant who acts like the biggest premadonna in the NBA. Bryant who is one of the most egotistical people alive. I'm sure that he thinks everyone tries to make passes on his wife.


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