Singing Loudly: Law and Order and the Jury System

Singing Loudly

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Law and Order and the Jury System

Jury Nullification was the major topic, which is something I've been posting on as of late. It was fun to watch, but I wasn't exactly sure why they would choose this.

What I mean, is that Law and Order typically focuses on what happens with the investigators, prosecutors, and defense attorneys in the criminal justice system. Then you have the Criminal Intent law and order that looked at the process from the criminal's point of view. Why would this episode focus, at least partially, on the point of view of the jury?

I did a little research and found that there is a new branch of Law and Order in production. Law and Order: Trial by Jury, starring Jerry Orbach and Candace Bergen

It's subject matter is described as

An exploration of the jury system in New York politics. Includes all aspects of jury behavior, such as deliberations, trials, and access to prosecuting and defense attorneys, from initial arraignment all the way to the final verdict.

Despite many criminal law attorney's not caring for Law and Order, I still enjoy it for a few reasons. Basically, I think it's fun to see how the writers envision the process and how they turn caselaw into dramatic episodes. Anyhow, I'm excited to see this new Law and Order.

This isn't as much of a sin as those who enjoyed the Supreme Court drama, First Monday, right?


Another law and order show, that's awesome!

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