Singing Loudly: NFL Picks: Week 9

Singing Loudly

Sunday, November 06, 2005

NFL Picks: Week 9

I avenged myself last week with a strong 11/14 correct. There weren't really many surprises last week, because it was a lame week in football. This weekend should be much better. We've got the Terrel Owens saga that continues to evolve. This week he said that McNabb isn't a warrior, isn't as smart as other quarterbacks, and everything would be better in Philly if only they had Brett Farve for a quarterback. Everyone but TO understands what the problem in Philly is. This weekend TO and McNabb will have to set aside their differences (we know that McNabb can) and beat a weakened Washington. Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen.

Cincinnati v. Baltimore: Baltimore
Atlanta v. Miami: Atlanta
Detroit v. Minnesota: Minnesota
San Diego v. New York Jets: San Diego
Carolina v. Tampa Bay: Carolina
Cleveland v. Tennessee: Tennessee
Jacksonville v. Houston: Jacksonville
Kansas City v. Oakland: Kansas City
Chicago v. New Orleans: Chicago
Seattle v. Arizona: Seattle
New York (NYG) v. San Francisco: Giants
Pittsburgh v. Green Bay: Pittsburgh
Washington v. Philadelphia: Washington
Indianapolis v. New England: Indianapolis


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