Singing Loudly: I told you so

Singing Loudly

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I told you so

Today was my first time to really assist in a trial and we won. I figured that we would because it was such a great guy that we were assisting. I won't say much besides that he was in deport proceedings and we made sure that he wasn't deported. The guy is absolutely wonderful. He's a model father, a model resident, and hopefully a model citizen before too long. There are very few people who I know that are as good of a person as he is. I know that it's popular for conservatives to lambast about how important it is we deport/remove immigrants -- well, here is a great example of someone America could really use.

I was able to prepare the witnesses and explain to the family exactly why their relative was in deport proceedings. They had a lot of questions that I was able to answer. It's fun when you are starting to be viewed with respect by other people -- people who need your help.


Congratulations on making a difference to the citizens of the world.

I like your blogs too!

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