Singing Loudly: Sports Night

Singing Loudly

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sports Night

Now that I've finished the 4th DVD in the First Season set, I think Sports Night might well be one of the best TV shows you can watch. Why didn't anyone tell me that William H. Macy had a recurring role?


Sports Night ROCKS. Er, rock_ed. To this day, I can't mention it around one of my friends because it's just too painful that it no longer exists. Love that show.

By Blogger JM, at 9:33 AM, September 10, 2005  

Because I think special agent casper is more fun.

By Blogger kmsqrd, at 11:46 AM, September 10, 2005  

How funny. I'm almost done with the boxed set as well... just a couple more episodes on disc six left. I never watched this show when it aired, but it's *incredible*.

By Blogger Liz, at 2:27 PM, September 10, 2005  

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