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Monday, September 05, 2005

Politically Correct

Typically it's the Conservatives who complain about how politically correct liberals are trying to make America.

I'm confused as to why it's now the conservatives who are claiming that we shouldn't point fingers (I'm guessing because there aren't any countries we can bomb this time) concerning the recent tragedy on the Gulf Coast because the tragedy is too recent.

I'm confused as to why it's conservatives who are complaining that we shouldn't speak ill of Rehnquist's legacy on the Court because it isn't respecting the deceased. I defy anyone to tell me exactly how this "James" guy (who apparently lost his posting privileges at the blog) showed a "lack of class and dignity"? If he had said, "Rehnquist deserved to die" or something along those lines, yes. However, saying that he doesn't have much sympathy for Rehnquist because of his judicial philosphosy (and the scary things it both did produce and could have produced) is nothing to be "embarrassed" about.

I'll blame my confusion on the conservatives who just live in one large contradiction.


Funny, am I a conservative now?

By Blogger Sean Sirrine, at 10:27 PM, September 05, 2005  

Taking pot shots at a dead man while his family is still trying to mourn and bury him has absolutely no class nor dignity.

Remember that Fred Phelps has been declared a sociopath for doing the same thing at the funerals of Mathew Shephard and a few American dead soldiers.

There are times when every human, regardless of their political views, deserves respect so that the mourners are given some time to say good-bye.

By Blogger Sean Sirrine, at 10:32 PM, September 05, 2005  

I was talking more about Listless Lawyer as far as content, although, I did reference your editorial decision.

Fred Phelps showed up at Matthew Shepard's funeral (they luckily figured out before he got there so they changed the day -- if I remember right) and then he stomped on Shepard's grave. He has since boasted about that numerous times.

There is a vast difference between disrespecting a person and commenting on a public person's career. Chief Justice Rehnquist didn't fall into his position on accident. He chose to have a public job that affected the lives of everyone in America. In both life and afterwards he will be a target of both praise and criticism for his job performance. Not only is this warranted but it's entirely fair.

By Anonymous Curtis, at 10:40 PM, September 05, 2005  

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