Singing Loudly: Predictions and Underwhelmed

Singing Loudly

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Predictions and Underwhelmed

I mentioned, about six months ago, that Apple would soon release a flash based iPod that has the space of the iPod Mini. Apple has released the iPod Nano which is very underwhelming. The problem here is that the screen is tiny. Why would you want a color screen when you can barely see what's on it. Also, it's got less space than the iPod Mini and still costs as much.

The same can be said for the phone that only holds 100 songs. Once they have a phone that has 30 gigs, I'll be happy. I guess that the cool thing about this is that you can download songs anywhere you want. If you're out with friends and they are all talking about a new Belle and Sebastian song -- boom -- it's yours.

What is cool is the iPod Photo that has all the Harry Potter books preloaded on it and the Hogwarts seal on the back!

and on an unrelated note: bad, bad plastic surgery Tara.


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