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Singing Loudly

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Flash Card Printer?

If you are anything like me, you love flash cards (index cards). I think they're great for just about everything. They are good for learning words from other languages, they are good to reference a few of your favorite poems, they are handy to write little messages on for later, they are useful in legal research, they are great for a recipe. Really, they are just about perfect.

Well, if you're not like me, you probably don't enjoy handwriting the cards. If so, you ought to check out this great little printer. Anyone in college or law school who makes flash cards will love this. It's a photo printer that works perfectly with index cards, and it's less than 70 bucks right now at



This is great. I need Plastic card printing machine for home use. Where i can get the best one?

By Blogger Sweet Fairy, at 3:07 AM, December 06, 2012  

Great information Thanks for Sharing....
Plastic card

By Blogger Ahmad Ali, at 3:16 AM, December 06, 2012  

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