Singing Loudly: The Marketing of Ipods

Singing Loudly

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Marketing of Ipods

It's no secret that I'm a huge support of all things Apple. I have the little Apple on my car, I use a iMac, and I have an iPod Shuffle. However, I'm quick to scrutinize the company when it's merited.

Just as an aside, does the hand that is currently on the Apple front page freak anyone else out?

Anyhow, to be honest, I didn't have one of the original iPods. I did buy the second generation iPod after my first year of law school way back in the day when it had a much smaller amount of space, a gray screen, and no iTunes for Windows. However, I wasn't too happy with it because I couldn't get whatever program (I think it was called jhymn) to work well with my Windows and iPod. The two were not friends at all.

Apparently the first generation iPod's were advertised by an ad that stated "1000 songs in your pocket." Well, guess what? The ads for the new iPod Nano say the exact same thing.

We might be able to chalk this up to nothing less than uncreative advertising departments if it weren't for the fact that the original iPod held 5 gigs while the Nano holds 4 gigs. What has happened here that a 1 gig difference can still hold the same amount of total songs?

The folks over at TUAW think that it might be the later introduction of the fantastic ACC audio format. This format will allow comparable levels of sound quality to the MP3 at smaller space necessities.

It just seems odd to me that there such a large difference in the amount of space between these two iPods and yet the same amount of songs.


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