Singing Loudly: The Best Day of the Year?

Singing Loudly

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Best Day of the Year?

Today has to be one of the best sports days of the year. There is nothing quite as much fun as Monday Night Football. You can go out to fun bars with friends and make it a yearly tradition. You get to watch a fun football game. You get to talk about it at work the day of and the day after. There really is little downside to MNF if you're a sports fan.

What makes today even better is the victorys of some great football teams this past week. I'll take that back, not just victories, but some of the greatest sports matches in a long time.

This weekend we saw the spirit of New Orleans as they beat the Carolina Panthers. Carolina was slated, pre-season, as one of the teams to possibly go all the way. New Orleans wasn't going to relent, even as many of them have lost their homes, all of them wonder where they will be this year, and all of them wonder what will become of New Orleans. They knew that despite all of this that was unknown there were many displaced who had found a TV and were watching this weekend.

Then we had Texas going to Ohio State and winning. They showed the world this weekend that they are the real deal this year. All it is going to take is one loss from USC, and Texas will be number one if they don't mess things up at this point.

Another Texas college team did the unthinkable: SMU won against TCU. It has been seven years since SMU has won the yearly battle for the Iron Skillet. However, they were able to bring back some of the glory SMU football used to have when they had players like Doak Walker. This was the first out of conference game that SMU has won since the death penalty was bestowed on them in 1986.

We also got to see the best player in the history of tennis play one of the best American players of the past 20 years. It was great to see Agassi get that far, but I doubt anyone really believed he could win it.

Back to the pro football games -- both Dallas and Kansas City won this weekend against teams who should have easily defeated them! Nobody goes into Arrowhead Stadium and has an easy time with it -- especially on the opening game. We were able to see that KC has finally made some moves to strengthen their defense.

The Cowboys finally have a quarterback who can perform! I'm happy that the Bills are actually good this year, but I've got to say that I can't figure out what you did to Bledsoe. As long as you limit him to about 20 or 25 throws a game, he will produce. I'm happy that he's with the Cowboys this year, because I think they are the real deal. They won't make it all the way, but I think they'll be solid.

After the adrenaline rush of this past weekend, we get to watch a great game for Monday Night Football.


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