Singing Loudly: Hablo Inglés? Si...

Singing Loudly

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hablo Inglés? Si...

As I've stated, there are very few people who know much about the immigration process. This doesn't stop people (like those who comment at Wizbang) from acting as if they understand what is required.

All "immigrants" (this is a term of art) have to pass an English proficiency test. Non-immigrants (another term of art) are only here for a limited time; therefore, they do not have to know English. However, the bulk of non-immigrants know more than one language (contrary to the bulk of Americans).

I know it's vogue in some circles to act as if every immigrant who speaks Spanish doesn't also speak English, but you should at least pull up the INA (it's available online!) to see what is required to naturalize.

By the way, Jay, I think you should tell the person you link to to read articles a little closer. A teacher and administrator are far different jobs.


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