Singing Loudly: Decorating the Cube

Singing Loudly

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Decorating the Cube

I find that there are three types of employees who are stuck in cubes: those who are great decorators, those who suck, and those who don't care. I think that I fall squarely into the middle group.

I've tried to decorate it a little, because I started to think it looked boring to others. Then I decided that I wanted it to be decorated for my own sake.

Right now I've got a cover from a New Yorker, a printout about firing Rove, and then some various papers that are used in my day to day work. The result is that it looks like a big mess. I guess that I'll just keep working on it.

How is it, though, that some people have such an ability to make their cube look comfy?


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