Singing Loudly: Making it Legal

Singing Loudly

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Making it Legal

Grits for Breakfast brings up a story that has been running on NPR and elsewhere for the past couple days. Basically, the feds in South Texas, thanks to one guy in their dept, have decided that they are really going to pursue aliens who have entered without inspection (ewi's).

It's not a practice that has ever really been done before because everyone in immigration law knows what a ridiculous waste of time, resources, and manpower it is. While child molesters are running free in Texas, you can be happy that the feds are going after the guy who just made your burrito for you.

The simple answer to this is that you don't go after the people who are caught for the first time. You do go after the people who don't learn from a simple warning and you change the laws to make it more practical for aliens to be able to do some jobs here and become legal.


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