Singing Loudly: Officer's Killing People: Taser Edition Part 2

Singing Loudly

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Officer's Killing People: Taser Edition Part 2

About a month ago I posted about how an off-duty police officer used his taser on a person trespassing in a waste management facility. Today I see that Talkleft has done it's own round of postings about the indiscretion police officers use with their tasers, including this recent death in Arizona.

In my mind, if there are soul-less prosecutors who choose prosecute young girls who don't immediately take their stillborn daughter to the hospital under abuse corpse, then there certainly should be some prosecutors who have enough courage to prosecute these police officers who wrecklessly use their tasers when they know the deaths that can result.

If you kill someone with your taser when your not under any sort of a physical threat then maybe you should spend some time behind bars. Perhaps this would be enough to get police departments to move away from giving officer's tasers.


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