Singing Loudly: Tigers Kill Longhorns

Singing Loudly

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tigers Kill Longhorns

On Friday, Mac will release their new operating system, Tiger. The reviews for Tiger have been slowly surfacing, as Apple asked most major news outlets to wait on releasing reviews until at least Thursday evening.

I know that my copy of Tiger is already in the mail. I really hope that it makes it by Friday, because it looks very good. Today it was given a glowing review in Wired Magazine.

I feel like I'm in a simlar situation as the reviewer, in that I'm new to Mac:

I'm relatively new to Macs -- I switched only last fall after a lifetime on Windows machines -- and I'm not an OS X power user. But I can already see how this upgrade is a definite step up from the previous version of OS X, known as Panther.

Spotlight appears to be his favorite feature. I know that it's been called an OS built in version of Google's desktop search (which I love), so I'm excited. This one will even search PDFs.

One of my favorite features of iTunes is the smart playlists that automatically search for certain characteristics to fill the playlists. With Spotlight, this feature has been added to the already able Mail application.

Mail now allows you to set criteria for searching mailboxes and then saves the results as a "smart folder," which applies the search criteria to all new messages.

On the other hand, Longhorn has gone into early beta stages and seems like nothing more than the debacle that was ME. WinFS, the only feature that seemed interesting (and minimally interesting at that), has been removed.


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