Singing Loudly: Officer's Killing People: Taser Edition

Singing Loudly

Monday, April 04, 2005

Officer's Killing People: Taser Edition

14 deaths by taser in 2005 so far. 2 of them have happened in Ft. Worth. Of course Officer's continue to use tasers without any discretion because they believe they are perfectly safe.

The latest death happened today when a man was allegedly trespassing into a Waste Managment facility in Ft. Worth, TX. That's right, killed because he was trespassing into a place where you trash is held-over. This time the officer wasn't even on duty. He was doing what many police do during their off-duty hours: working as a security guard.

This is unfortunate because someone died, taser's are still used without discretion, and officer's are using lethal police issued weapons when they aren't even performing police duties.


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