Singing Loudly: Finals Horror Stories

Singing Loudly

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Finals Horror Stories

I'm going insane with the studying, because I chose to take four classes my final semester. This means that I have four finals (now 3) and I set my lease to end around a 2 weeks before finals. Two of my finals fall next to each other in days, which was difficult in undergrad. This means that it's nearly impossible in law school.

I'm not sure how law exams compare to other professional school exams, but I know they are difficult. There are a number of things that make it very difficult. First, I think that most professors want to cram as much subject matter into their courses as possible. This means that you have too much information to study and not enough time in the exam to write it down. Second, law exams are not only cumulative (I remember in undergrad a lot of the courses only had material that went from the mid-term on) so it's going to be a lot of information without the benefit of an over-zealous law professor. Third, I think the idea that this is all of your grade (a performance on one exam determines what you will get in the course) makes it a difficult head trip. There really isn't anything terribly unfair with that requirement, it's just that it's nervewrecking. Four, there is something about being given open book exams (most of my law school exams have been open book) that trap me every time. It doesn't make it easier. In fact, it is much more difficult and easier to allow yourself to waste too much time searching in an outline. Finally, the curve really screws things up. An easy exam is the last thing that you want to take.

I have two finals back to back, which I think will be very difficult. Preparing for it is not fun. However, I think back to a guy who graduated last year and is now at a large firm. In some incredible lapse of judgment, he signed up for 5 two-hour courses and two 3-hour classes. I would kill myself.


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