Singing Loudly: Wizbang and Chemistry

Singing Loudly

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wizbang and Chemistry

Perhaps Kim Priestap at Wizbangblog hasn't taken very many chemistry classes and can't remember 15 years ago. However, am certain that Rush Limbaugh remembers that far back but intellectual honesty has never been much of a consideration for him.

Kim, start with a simple chemistry course where you might learn something about half-life of nuclear chemicals such as plutonium and uranium. Then you can move on to history where you'll see that it is not a secret that Gore was upset with H.W. Bush over this issue. It was no secret that Republicans in America, at one time, outfitted Iraq with nuclear chemicals.

What is clear is that an issue in the early 90s was not an issue over a decade later. That is just simple science.


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