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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Death Penalty information: primary sources

I have found that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website has an amazing death penalty resource page. It has helped me both professionally and with my human curiosity. I decided to seek out some of the other online resources provided by states which allow for the death penalty. I have included each state, which posts information for the public, with a link to their website and information about what you can find. Of course, these pages are subject to change but it's a good reference for those who are interested, for any given reason, in the current administration of the death penalty in the United States. More below the fold.

California has a very informative page that includes files containing every living inmate on death row, photos of death row, and information about lethal injection.

Oklahoma, despite having about 100 people on death row as of today, does not have very much information on their death row page. In fact, they pretty much link to an outside website to gain more information about the death penalty.

The Florida website has plenty of information. This includes more photographs of the living conditions of those who are on death row. Also, you can read that the inmates on death row can only shower every other day, they can have a 13'' tv (without cable) but can only watch it through bars, and really have no human contact. Be sure to check out their daily activities page.

The website for North Carolina really doesn't provide much information. However, you can learn about who is currently housed on death row and about individuals, for whatever reason, were removed from death row.

At Georgia's website, I could only find a little minor information. Actually, they had links to quite a bit statistically information. I suppose this would be very good for certain types of study, but I was looking for little more.

South Carolina has a death penalty page which is located in the news section. This wasn't the most intuitive section as they had another section for research that contained a page of very . Once discovered, however, the death penalty page does have a good amount of information. There is plenty of information about the history of the death penalty in South Carolina, discussions about where they house the inmates, and other statistics. You can also find, on the website, a day in the life of an inmate. Overall, I think that the South Carolina website is one of the more well designed and informative pages.

Alabama has a couple pages devoted to their death penalty. However, those couple pages are both a little disappointing. They provide only the most basic information about the inmates currently on death row and those who have been executed. You can find the average age of the inmates on death row and a breakdown of race and gender. It doesn't have much information that will be of any use.

Arkansas has a death penalty page but it's completely worthless. The only information is a static list of inmates, the county they fell from, date of birth, date of sentence, age, and sex. It's just in a list form.

Ohio has a death penalty information page that contains a few useful resources. The main page contains a lengthy history of the death penalty in Ohio. It ends with the current amount of women and men on death row and amount of executions. If you click on the inmates currently on death row, you are able to get an unimpressive list of the inmates with basic information. However, the best, is if you click on the executed list. It has searches by the year (or period of years) and little biographies on each person executed. It's a very interesting resource.

I actually really like the Delaware site devoted to their administration of the death penalty. The first link takes you to a page with a list of everyone on their death row. You can see a brief synopsis of what their qualifying conviction was and information about the specific offender. When you click on the link for their death row fact sheet, you will get to see various information. This includes a little about what a day in the life of an inmate on their death row is like. It's interesting to see some information about what they are allowed to do. For instance, they are only allowed to shower 4 times a week.

Mississippi has a death row page. It appears that they are still trying to create some of their online resource. They do have individual pdf files for each inmate on death row.

Maryland has a little bit of information about their death penalty on their website. However, I think that it is a little more philosophic than informative.

Washington has a bare bones death penalty page that contains a little information. The problem, I assume, is that they currently have 8 people on their death row -- a very low amount.

Nebraska also has a limited page.

Pennsylvania has a dedicated page with an FAQ and execution list available.

Montana has only two inmates sentenced to death. As such, they do not have an actual "death row".

Oregon has a little more information about their death row than I would expect. It includes a list of the inmates currently on death row, a history of the death penalty in Oregon, and information about facts concerning it.

For having two inmates on death row, Colorado has a more informative death penalty page than I would expect. There is the history and general information, a day in the life of someone on death row, execution day, and an FAQ.

Idaho has a little information about their 18 people currently on death row.

New Jersey has a little information about their death row. Currently they only house 9 inmates.

I could not find information at the websites for California, Virginia, Missouri, Arizona, Indiana, Illinois, Nevada, Utah, Kentucky, Kansas, Tennessee, New Mexico, Wyoming, Connecticut, New Hampshire, South Dakota or Louisiana.




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