Singing Loudly: Hitting the Trails

Singing Loudly

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hitting the Trails

I went biking with my friend yesterday morning at Boulder Park in Dallas, TX. I made it to the trails quite a bit earlier than he did, so I went ahead and rode one lap. Since I'm still new at riding, I'm not able to go as fast as I would like to go. One lap took me about 2 hours the first time through. When he went with me it took about 1:40 which is a little better. More below the fold.

Boulder was a lot of fun. They have some nice switchbacks, dips that are fun, and plenty of rocky trails to jar you around a little. I crashed out a couple times and fell off the front of a bridge. While flying off the bridge, I managed to keep myself from getting wet but the bike took a little swim. I think that either sprained my foot or just damaged it a little. Nothing major but I've got to get the foot healed up.

After the 4 hours of riding, I went on a three mile run to get a little run in. I decided, before hurting the foot, that I would try to run the 12 hour portion of the Ultracentric race in Grapevine, Texas this coming weekend. Now I'll have to see if my foot will heal quick enough for that race.

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