Singing Loudly: Taking it to the Trails

Singing Loudly

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Taking it to the Trails

After a couple months of hearing my friend talk about mountain biking (yes, I know, I live in Dallas, TX -- there are trails, I promise), I decided to take the plunge and get a bike.

I shopped around for a little while and wanted to get either a Specialized Rockhopper or a Gary Fisher Marlin. At the end of the day, I bought the 2007 Gary Fisher Marlin in a 19'' frame. Picture below the fold

Isn't it pretty?

Well, after I bought it, I decided that it was time to take it out for a spin. I went around White Rock Lake which is around ten miles. I have run essentially the same course numerous times, but this was exhausting for me. I didn't expect that it would work out such different muscles then you work out when you're running. It makes sense but I wasn't anticipating it.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet my friend to ride a trail a few times. I'm pretty excited to have my first bike since I was a child. It's good to have a different mode of transportation and a new hobby.


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