Singing Loudly: Coattails and Hardcoding

Singing Loudly

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Coattails and Hardcoding

It's a little upsetting that Will at Crescat is still having his talent at blogging drained by whomever bought his domain from under him. As you might have heard the former .org address went up for sale and someone grabbed it, took control, and stole his content (oh, and the new owner doesn't seem to know that copyright is automatic). Will did the next best thing and grabbed the same top level with .net to end it (why the search engine optimizer didn't purchase all the available variations is beyond me as it's not too expensive). The point is people aren't changing their links which only helps the scumbag. Change your links!



I suppose that will could, as if he had the time, go to the numerous blogs and email the owner to ask them to change their links, but I think it's better to just do it!


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