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Singing Loudly

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Problem with Linking

It's been a little while since I've really done what I love to do on this blog which is linking to other posts and commenting. It's not a lack of time issue, though, there is that, but more of a lack of motivation. During my run I decided that when I got home I would remedy it.

I thought that a fun way to do this would be to randomly pick a new post from someone in my RSS feeder. Sage, my RSS feeder, refreshed to show me that many of the blogs I read have updates, so I clicked on Obsessive Law Student and found her final words on the Israel/Lebanon situation.

I wish that I had something to say about it but OLS has outsmarted me by far. I think her final point is the most rational. In my mind, that is terrorism is best fought in unconventional and non-weapon based ways. Obviously the problem is that most places in the world look for support from outside. They cannot sustain themselves so they turn to other countries, other organizations, and other methods of making effecient societies. It seems entirely too easy for a lot of places to lay with the devil in exchange for false promises.


I am not necessarily a pacifist but I do believe that violence mostly produces more violence. You can only end it by stopping the poverty that fuels it.

I was looking for blogger in Texas you are one of the few still posting on the list I get from blogger. Thanks for directing to such a sane site.

By Blogger mitchell hurricane, at 8:21 PM, August 08, 2006  

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