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Singing Loudly

Friday, September 02, 2005

Wishing I Was There

A good story will typically make you want to be a part of it or continue with it past the conclusion. In other words, you want to either join in or continue watching.

I know that I wanted to be in the FBI because of Scully and Mulder on the X-Files. It didn't matter that their positions were ridiculous fabrications, it lured me in.

When I watched The Station Agent, I was disappointed that the story ended AND I wanted to join in their world. That movie was enough to make me want to live in Jersey; that's saying something.

This evening, I went with a friend to see Mad Hot Ballroom. Now I have this mix of emotions of what I want to do. I want to take ballroom dancing, I want to be a teacher, and I want to watch the movie again. It was recommended to me a couple months ago, but I didn't make it to the theater until today to see it. Wonderful film!

Hopefully you can get a chance to go and see this documentary.


I'm a little behind on my reading due to internet issues, so I just now am reading this: how amusing that there is someone else out there like me in the sense that I see things in a movie and want to be them. I am wearing my old Army-Navy bought FBI shirt as we speak since I am spending the day unpacking books. I too wanted to be an FBI agent because of the X-files, and lets not forget watching Hero and thinking maybe I can learn to handle swords like that. Now to go see Mad Hot Ballroom and sign up for classes immediately!

By Anonymous jenni, at 1:51 PM, September 05, 2005  

Loved it!

By Blogger E. McPan, at 5:10 PM, September 20, 2005  

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