Singing Loudly: Show me your green card

Singing Loudly

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Show me your green card

Technology is one of the newest weapons employers can use to battle against illegal immigrants.

But across the country, a small group of businesses is quietly testing a Department of Homeland Security program that can check immigration status with a few clicks on the Internet. The program will likely be at the heart of any federal immigration reform, even as critics say it needs improvement.

This is much more civilized and cost effecient than the foolish Minute Men who run around thinking they are doing good.

Of course, it's still wrought with problems:

The program doesn't include fingerprint or other biometric checks to determine if applicants are using someone else's Social Security number or name. Ideally, the checks would eventually include a photo identification card supplied by the Social Security Administration. But the agency has estimated it could take at least $4 billion to produce such cards.

And, most importantly, nobody is ready to admit that we need cheap labor in America. Whenever the rebuilding of New Orleans begins, it will become all too clear how much America relies on such labor too continue in our moderate cost way of life.


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