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Singing Loudly

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Girl Spotting at BarBri

It's not hard to imagine that the bar review classes can be pretty boring, so it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of budding romances.

Part of this is probably due to seeing new people who have come from other schools, other regions of the country, and sometimes other states where they were previously licensed. It isn't the same group of people who were with you for the past three years.

Another reason, I think, is because unless you've been in this situation before you have no idea what sort of stress it causes. Parents don't know, significant others who aren't in it don't really understand, friends don't get it completely, and certainly the girl you meet at the bar is clueless. But at the bar review class you find new people who are also in the same nasty situation, which is sort of attractive.

At some point, I started to notice a girl who was a short brunette who doesn't do anything fancy with fashion (t-shirt and jeans typically), and seemed to be quiet but friendly. This fits well with my attraction template (it used to be tall blondes but at some point that randomly changed), so I would sometimes look around to see where she was.

Every day I ride the train to the place where we have the review classes. One morning I saw that she got on the train at a different stop and would read the New Yorker. This made me like her even more than before because anyone who reads the New Yorker on the train can't be too bad.

A few days later I saw my friend, Marcus, talking to her during a break. After that day I approached Marcus to ask what he knew about the girl he was talking to yesterday. He was like, "what do you mean what do I know?" with a little grin. I told him that I thought she was cute and he proceeded to give me the lowdown. Marcus told me her name (it's on our tags anyhow), that she clerked with him at one of the top firms in the area, and will be working for the chief judges in one of the Texas federal courts (I won't reveal too much information about her). He also knew that she was single last summer, but he wasn't sure if she was anymore. The next day Marcus went over to talk to her during a break. A day later he came to me during the break and told me she was available.

If it isn't high school enough, I started to make up plans for how I would meet her with a couple of friends. Soon most of the people from my school knew that I liked this girl. Actually, I'm sure if she asked anyone at the review if there are any guys who like her everyone else would be able to point me out. However, I also found out that she's funny, she might have gone to either Columbia or University of Texas (there was a disagreement on that point), and would probably enjoy me.

At some point I'll go over and talk to her on the train, I think. However, I don't really know the etiquette of approaching semi-strangers (we are in the same review, so I think there's less to worry about with the stranger thing) on the train while they are reading and listening to Ipods.

Anyone think it would be alright to just go over and say hi on the train?


Um, yes. Your face is likely famaliar, so she shouldn't hurt you too badly. Just kidding, but yes do speak with her.

By Blogger kmsqrd, at 12:25 PM, June 11, 2005  

I think you have to speak to her, the sooner the better...if your friend has been a go between, I bet she already knows who you are too :)

By Blogger Jen(nifer), at 9:48 PM, June 11, 2005  

As a short brunette, I say talk to her on the train and mention how you recognize her from bar review. She'll probably recognize you, too, so it's not like she'll think you're some random person trying to talk to her.

By Blogger Sarah, at 12:00 AM, June 12, 2005  

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