Singing Loudly: Making the Recommendation

Singing Loudly

Friday, June 10, 2005

Making the Recommendation

I haven't give many updates on my playwriting pursuits, because I've taken a much needed break from writing. This will more than likely continue until after I've worked long enough to feel comfortable juggling the two. It will certainly last until after the bar exam.

Collateral of writing, on the other hand, has not yet ceased. It was probably around October that a couple theater people from the past contacted me about the possibility of writing recommendation letters for their MFA applications. Of course, I was more than happy to comply with such a request as I worked closely with each on different projects.

The first was a guy who did the lighting design for a play called "A Cut Above Brie". This premise of this comedy is two competing cheesemakers in different Wisconsin communities come to learn that they are both married to the same lady. Each of them thought she was an international shopper who reported fashion trends to a NYC fashion designer.

The guy who did the lights was a pure pleasure to work with, and was the first person to do a professional lighting job on anything I've written. Unsurprisingly he was accepted into a very distinguished program at Purdue University.

The second to ask was a girl who recently worked with my play, last summer actually. I thought that she particularly brought an intriguing life to a character I believed was lifeless. I wasn't happy with the way that I wrote the part because I lacked the creativity to see the strength of the role. I'm pleased to announce that she accepted a spot at the University of California, Irvine program. UCI has quickly become one of the premiere acting conservatories (I know they don't consider themselves a true conservatory) in the country. This girl has a very promising career in theater (and probably film).

Best of luck to both.


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