Singing Loudly: Passing the Test

Singing Loudly

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Passing the Test

I wonder whether many educated people would be able to always pass the US Naturalization Test which is available online? In other words, I think that overthinking this test could lead to unfortunate consequences.

The quiz will randomly generate multiple choice questions which are on the list for the USCIS Officers to select from when they administrate the test. There seemed to be a few ambiguous questions that could provide for a couple options. For instance, the first question I received:

What are the duties of the Supreme Court?
1. To serve the President as cabinet members (obviously not)
2. To write the laws (they do create binding law, but I'd have to know what "write" means. It isn't created by writing statute but common law is law and the justices do write decisions.)
3. To interpret laws (I suppose this is the best option)
4. To execute laws (on rare occasions...)

It's available online, here. Some of the answers are funny, likewise, many of the questions are entertaining too.


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