Singing Loudly: My Mailbox

Singing Loudly

Monday, April 18, 2005

My Mailbox

For all of the stalkers out there, I offer to you the contents of my mail this afternoon. I imagine this will cause envy in the hearts of my conservative friends:

1. ACLU letter requesting more money;
2. Letter from the Drug Policy Alliance asking for my membership;
3. New Yorker;
4. Letter from Americans United asking for my membership;
5. Letter from BARBRI saying I received my free course;
6. Letter from mom that shows me what my graduation announcement looks like;
7. Loan interest information (ack!);
8. Letter from the local NPR radio station asking for a donation;
9. Geico wanting to give me cheaper insurance; and
10. Graduation card with $20 bucks GLUED to the card...thanks.


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