Singing Loudly: Iraqi Car Bombing Kills Marla Ruzicka

Singing Loudly

Monday, April 18, 2005

Iraqi Car Bombing Kills Marla Ruzicka

From the wires and available at ABC News:

Marla Ruzicka, founder of Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict, died Saturday in the blast, which also killed an Iraqi and another foreigner, officials said.

It's unfortunate that anyone has to die; I hope the numbers will decrease soon.

"She cared about people and gave people her love and help," Nancy Ruzicka said. "I'll remember the love she spread around the world and the good ambassador that she was for her country."

Leahy remembered Ruzicka as a fiery young woman who came into his office about two years ago seeking federal money to aid civilians.


UPDATE: It's unfortunate that hate based blogs (e.g. Little Green Footballs) are using this loss to justify their political beliefs. Using Ruzicka's death to smear her character in order to justify your own slimy existence is appauling. It's very easy for all of us to sit behind our computers and type out messages to post on the internet. It's much more difficult to advocate for something you believe in where it reaches people who can't be reached by the internet, and where you are in actual danger of getting hurt or losing your life.

Whereas you, LGF, are a group of cowards, Ruzicka and many other people (Doctors without Borders, the Red Cross, all of the military forces from around the globe who are assisting in the rebuilding, et al) are brave. Whereas you are a destroyer, all of those people are builders. Whereas you disgusting hatemongers, they are worthy of our admiration.

I'm not about to link to the post, because I don't care to give them the satisfaction they would certainly get from seeing they upset someone with their attack.


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