Singing Loudly: On Being A Dallasite

Singing Loudly

Thursday, April 21, 2005

On Being A Dallasite

I've lived in Texas for about 8 years, so I'm getting to the point where I don't have any excuses for not acting like the natives. Therefore, it was fun to see Liz posting about D Magazine's list of 43 things ever Dallasite needs to do. Like Liz, I will bold the things I have done and italic the rim shots; point and half point respectively. They had some things in parenthesis, but I also put my own comments which you'll easily be able to tell.

  1. Go to Southfork Ranch (home of "Dallas")
  2. Praise Jesus with Bishop TD Jakes
  3. Listen to the concert organ at the Meyerson
  4. Go to Nasher
  5. Eat at Reunion Tower
  6. Ask for ketchup at the Stoneleigh P
  7. Go to OU-TX
  8. Ride roller coasters at Six Flags
  9. Wear a tie to the Trail Dust (because they will cut the tie off -- so wear a cheap one)
  10. Join the cast of a reality TV show (I was sent to call backs for the Mole)
  11. Go to the Meadows Museum (my art historian p.h.D friend tells me they have one of the best collections of Spanish art outside of Spain)
  12. Unwind at the Inwood Lounge
  13. Go to the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot 3-mile fun run or 8-mile race
  14. People watch at the Pavilion
  15. Spend an evening in Highland Park (shopping)
  16. Go to Texas Stadium
  17. Eat at Mariano's Mexican Cuisine in Arlington
  18. Go to Cabaret Royale
  19. Eat at Sonny Bryan's (some of the best barbecue you can get)
  20. Spend a paycheck at the State Fair (Like Liz, I haven't spent an entire paycheck, but I have gone)
  21. Gender guess at the annual Oak Lawn Halloween block party (I didn't know they had a Halloween party but it makes sense!)
  22. Add to the spectacle of the Cattle Baron's Ball
  23. Boot scoot at Billy Bob's Texas
  24. Sip tortilla soup at the Mansion
  25. Survive the Carpenter-Stemmons Merge
  26. Get free advice at White Rock Lake (I live on White Rock, but I'm not sure if anyone has really given me advice)
  27. Go to the Plano Balloon Festival (I've seen the balloons going!)
  28. Hang out with the wild things at the Fort Worth Zoo
  29. Fly a kite at Flagpole Hill
  30. Lunch at the Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus downtown
  31. Get something chicken fried at the original Black-eyed Pea
  32. Visit Dealey Plaza
  33. Go to the Ballpark in Arlington (Many times a year)
  34. Visit the White Elephant Saloon
  35. Go to Neiman Marcus at Northpark (they tried to sell me an umbrella!)
  36. Grab a stool at Highland Park Pharmacy (the best grilled cheese)
  37. Strike a pose at the Dallas Arboretum (and I live right by it! I run on the back side of it all the time and see the musicians on the weekends, the people looking at beautiful flowers...)
  38. Get an e-mail from Mark Cuban (I should send him one. Send me an email Mark!)
  39. Feed your Tex-Mex fix at El Fenix (My roommate and best friend worked's really not that great though, in my opinion)
  40. Speed on the Tollway (come on, Dallasite speed on EVERY road...)
  41. See the ivories tickled at the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
  42. Make a (temporary) friend at Lone Star Park (I'm going to go this year)
  43. Make your mark at Adair's
  44. Stroll the stately homes of Swiss Avenue
  45. Become art smart at the Kimball Art Museum
  46. Go to the Neiman Marcus/Adolphus Children's Parade
  47. Take a handout at the farmer's market (I can't explain why I haven't been to the farmers market)
  48. Eat the breakfast of Champions at Mecca
  49. Spend the day at Sandy Lake
  50. Shop Stanley Korshak
  51. Attempt a triple toe loop at the ice-skating rink at the Galleria (or just stay vertical, more like?)
  52. Learn how to be a bona fide cowboy (with ropers, boots, wranglers, etc.)

And there we have it, I beat Liz with 15.5.


I've been to Billy Bob's...

By Blogger Me, at 10:42 PM, April 22, 2005  

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