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Singing Loudly

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Keeping those priorities

A high ranking Boy Scout Leader in Ft. Worth was just arrested for seeking and storing child pornography. A couple months ago the BTK killer was caught in Wichita, Kansas where it was revealed that he had been a Boy Scout leader.

At least the Boy Scouts are focusing their attention on keeping those gay men out of their organization...


Damn. I always thought the Boy Scouts was a better organization-- in terms of community service & such- than the girl scouts, and that they got a lot of bad press bc of discrimating people in charge...but Jeez. Girl scouts don't usually do 'civic' activities and raise money to spend on themselves...
When I was a girl scout, my 400+ pound troop leader spent the money earned by the troop from cookie sales on her own stuff. [outrageous when one is 10 years old!] btw--the woman died of blood clot a few months later...

By Blogger Persephone, at 10:26 AM, March 31, 2005  

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