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Singing Loudly

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Celebrity Watcher

My list of silly things celebrities do was aided today when I was shopping at the Central Market and saw none other than Michael Finley who was wearing a hat and shades. I know that it was meant to disguise his appearance, but I have to say that if you're wearing hats and shades you just cry out to people that you're a celebrity or wanna-be celebrity attempting to conceal oneself. It doesn't really work all that well. Perhaps it should have worked better because as he was checking out the ripeness of a melon he accidentally dropped it on the floor. As it lay splattered on the ground he slinked off as though he was not involved in the matter in any way. Of course, I'm sure that if pressed Finley will deny that it was he who was dropping melons in a ridiculous disguise. I suggest that you press harder.


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