Singing Loudly: Directing Madness

Singing Loudly

Monday, March 14, 2005

Directing Madness

Yesterday was quite a bit of fun as I got to watch the actors do their thing. Surprisingly they have all learned most of their lines. Perhaps not as well as one would hope, but I think they are going to be there in a couple hours.

Essentially my play is nothing but a cheap rip off of the book Metamorphosis and the movie Being John Malkovich. We have Barack Obama waking up one morning to his publicist/manager's telephone call a few weeks before the DNC. The only problem is it's really a rabbid conservative (e.g. Zell Miller) in Obama's body. Somehow it turned out to work pretty well.

When I went by yesterday I quickly realized that I don't agree much with the director. At one point I told him he was too much of a conservative. At another point he told me that I wasn't doing anything productive so I should leave. Alas, I left.

The actors on the other hand seem to like me pretty well. There are two guys and a girl. One is getting his MFA, while the other two are seniors preparing themselves for a life of rejection and misery intersperced with a few moments of bliss. Such is the acting track.

I took all the actors (director thought it was a waste of valuable time -- which is probably was) to get a nice breakfast yesterday. Today I will watch them in a little black box theater performing the play in front of six or seven people who got lost, a few judges, and me.



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