Singing Loudly: iPod Shuffle Tip: Getting More Space

Singing Loudly

Saturday, March 12, 2005

iPod Shuffle Tip: Getting More Space

Over at the TUAM they posted the nice tip of going to your iPod preferences and selecting the convert songs to 128 when loading onto your shuffle. This will automatically convert the bitrate (I typically use 160 ACC) to a lower bitrate, which should be fine in the shuffle. It doesn't change it on your own computer library.

I thought of another good tip to get more songs on your shuffle. I know that on my runs I enjoy shorter songs (like the radio). So I made a smart playlist that only has songs that are less than 6 minutes long and (just because I don't want filler songs) more than 1 minute long.

I named this smart playlist "iShuffle" and selected it to be the source of my autofill rather than my library.

This means that I won't have songs that are 10 or 15 minutes long which I know that I'll just get bored with on my run anyhow. It's just a waste of two or three songs that could be on the shuffle instead!


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