Singing Loudly: Mexican Nationals Given a Chance Everywhere but Texas

Singing Loudly

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mexican Nationals Given a Chance Everywhere but Texas

Once again Texas proves that it's penal system is a corrupt, bankrupt system. If nothing else, every member of the Court of Criminal Appeals needs to be impeached and have their bar cards taken away from them without a chance of ever practicing law again.

President Bush does good,

More than two dozen Mexican nationals on San Quentin's Death Row are expected to seek new hearings after President Bush said courts nationwide must review claims that the prisoners' rights were violated by not being allowed to contact their consulate after arrest.

and Texas does bad...

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott appeared poised to stand by the convictions in his state, noting after Bush's decree Tuesday that neither the president nor an international court could override state court authority.

I know a few Mexican nationals who are on death row and probably received ineffective assistance of counsel due to one or two very poor public defenders here (there are some who are quite wonderful in this county), yet their country has no ability to help them either during the trial, appeal, or to make sure their conditions in prison are correct.

Texas is appalling. Now, I ask you who still believe in the tooth fairy how you think the citizens would have any power to make the Texas attorney general follow the law? Petition the legislature or would you just bang your head into a wall?

UPDATE: In my confusion about Bush doing good (the evil idiot himself), I see that in fact it was all a fraud. He's a fraud of a person through and through. It's no surprise he wants to murder as many foreigners as he can. Probably a good amount of them being very innocent foreigners who are not given the representation they deserve. Bush should be impeached and tried by the Hague post haste.


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