Singing Loudly: Fun with the 50 States

Singing Loudly

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Fun with the 50 States

Craig at Heavy Lifting did a better job than me on this geography game he alerted me too.

Basically, it'll give you a state and you have to place it on the map. It'll tell you how many miles off you were, your average error, number right, and time it took to complete the test.

My score: 44 perfect and 88% with an average error of 21 miles in 487 seconds.

The second time was significantly better.


You kicked my ass: 76%, average error of 69 miles in 251 seconds. 

Posted by stephanie

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:05 PM, December 07, 2004  

I did mine without coffee first! 84%, 46m, 350 sec. I got screwed up when "Utah" was like the first one I was given. I was 100m off or something, too far north. Great link. 

Posted by JM

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:31 AM, December 08, 2004  

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