Singing Loudly: I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One: A Message to those interested in the Democratic Party

Singing Loudly

Friday, November 05, 2004

I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One: A Message to those interested in the Democratic Party

I have one message to give all of the Democrats: we are alive. The Republicans came through and won this election for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons make me question the people who live around me. Some of these reasons make me wonder why the Republican party is so scared that they have to send Republicans from D.C. down to Texas to unconstitutionally redistricting the map so that Martin Frost loses to Pete Session. Even Republicans realize that what they did was both unconstitutional and heavy handed politics. And a few of the races made me feel fine with the Republican victories because they fought a clean, fair fight.

The reasons that we were defeated are going to need to be explored but right now we need to feel encouraged because we have every reason to be proud. Our values are purely American, our values are admirable, and our values will be better understood by the next election. The reason why our party will be stronger is because we are a passionate party.

Today, tomorrow, and the days to come will be our time to call the younger Democrats to arms. This election, unlike any other, has made me realize how important it is for everyone to play a part in politics. I am going to devote all of my available time to helping the Democratic Party. I'm going to be there with open arms, willing to do whatever is necessary to bring about a change. There is no doubt that many others are thinking the same thing right now. If you are then it is time to step up. The youth are going to revitalize a glorious party, the youth are going to join in with this proud tradition of protecting American values, and the youth are going to be there to learn from those who have carried a brilliant torch. We understand that the time is now to join in this process of making America as strong, as united, as loving, and as awe-inspiring as it should always be.

Democrats, America needs us at this time. This election showed that like no other election ever has. There are deep wounds, deep mistrust, and lies that have filled the political process to a level unlike any before. The voters of America are divided and the rest of America is unwilling to participate in the process for whatever reason. This needs to change. That change is going to have to start with us.

I was a Republican for six years of my life. Part of the reason I was a Republican was because of my Christian faith. I grew up in a town where Christians were a member of the Republican Party. We were taught that the Republican Party is the party of Christians. It wasn't until I was out of the this environment that I realized that this was a complete lie. If anything it does more to damage the church than to protect it; however, it certainly is true that the Democratic Party's ideals are not contrary to the church. Personal faith is an important part of the lives of many in the Democratic Party. However, there is no vitriol, no hatred, directed at those who believe in exercising their personal beliefs in other ways. What has always scared me the most about the Republican Party is their ability to hate others who do not fit their mold. It is a party that, in large part, lacks the diversity that makes America such a wonderful place.

It was nearly six years ago that I left the Republican Party because the ideals of the Democratic Party were more appealing to me. I want a stronger America where people don't have to worry about bankruptcy if they get ill, where children are given the educational opportunities they deserve, where our security is not left in the hands of an incompetent commander-in-chief, where we don't invade countries for personal/economic reasons, where we respect the international community enough that we follow the international obligations we signed onto, where we work with the United Nations to cure some of the defects instead of misunderstanding it, where we protect religion instead of putting it in eminent danger, and where society is secure that when life doesn't go there way there will be a safety net to help them get back on their feet.

These things are a fundamental part of why America exists today. Our founding fathers started with a revolutionary idea for a democracy that exists today in the ideals of the Democratic Party. I'm proud to be a member of this party. I'm proud to be a part of this parties future. But I know that we need the youth to join with us. We need our party's elites to lead with conviction, with confidence, and with passion. We also need the veterans of our party to help mentor those of us who are starting in order to repair the wounds of our party.

America deserves no less.


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