Singing Loudly: Thinking it all through

Singing Loudly

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Thinking it all through

I'm currently coming up with thoughts about the election. I voted for the person who lost but that is no surprise to anyone. This year was probably my final voting in Kansas. I'm not going to do the absentee voting any longer, because I will domicile myself after graduation this year. Nader received my vote for president, so everyone knew that I was giving my vote to an idea. However, it is true that I'm disappointed with the outcome of the Presidential election. My hope is that I can articulate some of those thoughts before too long, but I'm still thinking through things.

I will say that it was difficult to step into the halls of one of the most conservative schools in the country. Part of my concern, before going to school, was whether or not I could respect acquaintances any longer. It didn't take long before I decided that most of them are voting for Bush because they think it's best for the country. It isn't an evil vote; it is a deeply flawed vote, in my opinion.

What I was welcomed with at school was person after person who wanted to do nothing more than gloat. My attempt at respect for these particular people went out the door when it was made clear that they wanted to rub yesterday's results in the faces of those who have different opinions. It seems to me that Americans should act with dignity and respect rather than flaunt vile pettiness. When our country is this divided, when emotions are this vaulted, it is the time to be satisfied with your victory yet understanding that we are one country that needs to heal the wounds caused by this division. Gloating is not the way to help build America back into the united country we have to reestablish.

[Updated to clear up some awkward sentences. Blogger has been difficult to use, so I was just happy to be able to update.]


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