Singing Loudly: Keeping Out the Abnormals

Singing Loudly

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Keeping Out the Abnormals

Just like various states in United States have started to persecute people with sexual "abnormalities" of either a behavioral or mental sort, depending on your particular state, Britain has started to going after people suffering from anti-social behavior orders.

Of course anyone with any intelligence can figure out that mental abnormalities, behavioral abnormalities, and anti-social behavior orders aren't true disorders that can are recognized by the DSM-IV-TR. In reality they are just bastardizations of psychology -- which didn't really need the assistance of vapid legislation.

Here is a link that shows some really interesting photos of people in Britain who have been ostracized from society because they "suffer" from this anti-social behavior order. This is very similar to the damaging witch-hunt going on in America with sexually violent predator laws that try to figure out who is going to be a future danger.


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