Singing Loudly: Another law professor behind the times...

Singing Loudly

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Another law professor behind the times...

Jonathon Adler, of the Volokh Conspiracy makes a couple flippant comments about Live Earth (his links are a bit misleading, as though he didn't actually read the articles) and then posts some lyrics of a sub par Arctic Monkeys album. Too bad he didn't post the lyrics from Riot Van...2 years behind.

As for his links, he entitles one "aka 'Private Jets for Climate Change'" which isn't what the article is about. It was actually a quote from one of the band members in Muse. The article spent more time focusing on how mixing the music with the message of global warming created an awkward tone.

His other link purports to show how the concerts were underwhelming. That also isn't what the article is about. Does he only read the awkwardly worded headlines? The article is about how the US and British media were underwhelmed while coverage in Germany was much stronger.

I hope that Professor Adler expects more attention to what a case states out of his students than he demonstrates in his own reading.




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