Singing Loudly: Summer Shorts (What not to wear)

Singing Loudly

Friday, July 01, 2005

Summer Shorts (What not to wear)

Slate has a wonderful article about how the summer is the one season where people believe they can be forgiven for dressing like fashion idiots. I've said before that I don't agree with male's wearing shorts.

My reasons for this are very simple: (1) I've never seen one guy who looks better wearing shorts than jeans or slacks. Most guys have the ugliest legs you've ever seen. This is especially true of the guys who wear shorts. (2) You either have to wear shoes and look like a fashion idiot or flip flops and look like a fashion idiot. There are very few guys who look good in flip flops or sandals. Most guys just end up looking lazy, unstylish, unable to dress himself.

I realize that I can't convince the fashion illiterate of the reasons not to wear shorts. However, I plea to you to follow at least three tips for wearing shorts: (1) Don't wear jean shorts. Guys in jean shorts look like they have just awoken from a 25 year coma. (2) If you must wear jean shorts, don't wear thigh high black socks with it like my neighbor. Finally, (3) if you must wear any sort of shorts make sure they are not short shorts.

*Obviously, the one exception is if you're going on a run. Wear shorts. Wear short shorts if you're a serious long distance runner and you're running in a race.


Really? No shorts for men...interesting!

By Blogger Jen(nifer), at 4:29 PM, July 01, 2005  

I personally like shorts on some guys. I would agree with the denim shorts though. But really, guys in jeans in the summer, I'm wondering what they are hiding. And that's why their legs are always so white, which is way more unattractive than shorts.

However. I do want to write an open letter to the men of Europe saying NO CAPRIS!

By Blogger Me, at 12:17 PM, July 03, 2005  

I so completely agree. Shorts are NOT a good look for a man, unless you're going to the gym.

By Blogger TP, at 9:34 AM, July 05, 2005  

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